immunization passport

Monitor compliance through QR codes, webapps and NFC tags.

COVID-19 Symptom 

Return to work safe

Real-time dashboard


Thermal Camera Kiosk

Fully integrated with real-time email / sms notifications


Nationwide network of labs

PCR, Antibody, & Antigen


Nationwide network of registered nurses

contact tracing

Assures safety for your employees

Contact tracing applications; wearable devices

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Client Testimonials

Carpenters benefit fund  

"The HealthWell COVID-19 Symptom Checker has helped put our employees’ mind at ease, knowing our office is taking precautionary safety steps and the threat of a potential exposure seriously. The implementation was fast, seamless, and the website and mobile version are very easy to use."

Philadelphia Works, Inc.

"This tool was the perfect solution to ensure the health and wellbeing of our staff.  All screening questions are in compliance with the CDC guidelines and HealthWell will adjust them in the event those guidelines change. Additionally, HealthWell Solutions is staffed with a Nurse Triage unit in the event an employee of ours is in need of consultation. My Human Resource team is free from managing health screenings and having to stay abreast of changing CDC guidelines.   Integration was quick and seamless and the support staff have been incredibly responsive. I am happy to recommend this tool to other organizations."

additional Features

Mobile optimized

Access our web-app from any computer, phone or tablet.


Pay only for active users, not for your entire eligible population. Monthly plans.

Real-time reporting

Aggregate dashboard and high-risk employee isolation status.

over 100 languages

Simple drop-down selection to change the app to 100+ languages.

White Label

Customize the app and use it with your employer groups. Discounts available.

Dial-In option

Employees can call an automated number to complete the symptom checker.

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introducing  Covid Symptom Checker


IR Thermal Imaging
  • Fast and accurate facial recognition
  • Fully integrated with Employer Covid Symptom Checker
  • 2 models: 8" and 19" device
  • 0.3°C temperature accuracy
  • Mask detection
  • Visitor pass/ticket printer integration
  • Access control system integration
  • Time keeping functionality
  • Non-compliance real time alerts
  • Automated email/sms notifications
  • Contactless workflow
Visitor Management System

Real Time Reporting

Data integrates with platform for real time reporting.

Non-Contact Identity Verification

Visitors can upload their ID to platform. Information is displayed in real-time to security office.

active contact tracing

Early identification of potential exposures through automated visitor follow-up.

post-exposure visitor outreach

Easily identify and notify visitors if they have been exposed to a confirmed case during their visit to your facility.

Nurse Case Management
  • Registered Nurses provide most up-to-date CDC recommendations
  • Self-scheduling tool for same day Telehealth consultation
  • Covid-19 testing, guidance, and results' interpretation
  • Co-workers exposure investigation and contact tracing assures safety for your employees
  • Quickly and easily track your employees’ vaccination records
  • Ability to add vaccinations done onsite or by third party providers
  • Automated reminders for past due vaccinations and 2nd doses
  • Electronic Immunization Record System
  • Verify vaccination status through QR code or NFC Tags
Contact Tracing
  • Our platform's data can be exported for contact tracing, and location in building will be reported with meetings with employees and guests
  • Integration with devices and apps
  • Contact tracing applications; wearable devices
  • We can supply wearable devices and monitor your facility
  • Visitor safety and exposure monitoring

what's new

Covid-19 testing

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PCR Testing

active infection

We offer COVID-19 PCR testing (COVID-19 swab test) through a direct-observed, self- administered specimen collection in partnership with LabCorp. This type of COVID-19 test is for individuals who have COVID-19 symptoms or meet the testing criteria established by the CDC.

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Antibody testing

past infection-immunity

Voucher program available at over 2,000 locations nationwide, Serology testing, also known as coronavirus antibody testing, can check for different types of antibodies developed after exposure to the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19.

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platform integration

Clinical staff is able to view/download test results directly from our portal. Results are available usually 1-3 days after specimen pick-up date.
Analyze exposure/immunity* to COVID-19,

*We do not know yet if having antibodies to the virus that causes COVID-19 can protect someone from getting infected again or, if they do, how long this protection might last.
Source: CDC
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